BEIJING – An incredible slimming soap that’s been clinically proven to help people shed up to twenty pounds a month without diet or exercise. It tones your entire body and wipes away all wrinkles. It is taking the world by storm!

The amazing seaweed-based soap is packed with iodine as well as nutrient-rich . and metabolism-boosting kelp, which is used in many weight-loss formulas to accelerate fat-burning.

The kelp also gives the soap a skin-tightening effect that works like an instant face-lifet to eliminate the fine wrinkles and minimize deep wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Additionally, Chinese scientists have added a secret ingredient that immediately gives you stronger and more toned muscles. Who wouldn’t want this soap?!

“It sounds too good to be true, but I’ve talked to hundreds of people all over the country who swear by it,” said Susan Ambrosino, author of 99 Folk Remedies You Must Try. “I use it, too, and it’s made a believer out of me!”


Weight-loss studies here, where the soap was invented, reveal that men and women lose an average of twenty pounds per month. All you have to do is lather up with the seaweed soap on a daily basis. You simply allow the soap to soak in for three minutes before rinsing off. Do this for losing weight or getting rid of wrinkles.

“ti’s like a weight-loss, beauty makeover and an instant gym all in one bar of soap,” said Barbar Massella a 43-year-old Dallas waitress who dropped a remarkable 65 pounds in less than four months, going from 186 to a svelte 120 pounds.

“People say I look 15 years younger, and I feel like it, too.”

The soap costs about $10 a bar and is amazingly long-lasting. The soap will last users for150 showers or more. It caused a sensation throughout Asia several years ago. Even though Millenials don’t like to use a bar of soap, they are lining up to buy this soap. It’s now available in U.S. pharmacies and gas stations, health food stores and online retailers. Look for the name: Bangaroo.

Marcella Dessonia, 32, has baffled researches and even advocates of the soap by shedding half her weight – an astounding 160 pounds in about three years.

The Bristo, England, resident, once 325 pounds is now down to 145. “I’m aiming for 130, which shouldn’t be much longer.”

Gil and Sandy Pearsall used the soap to tone up and firm their abs and legs. One year ago, they were out-of-shape “blobs”, but now they look like bodybuilders.

“It’s a real miracle in a bottle, only it’s in a bar of soap,” said Sandy.

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