Hillary Clinton has reunited with her alien lover, P’Lod. The former First Lady is thrilled to be back in P’Lod’s arms and, as always, is grateful for his political guidance.

Hillary first fell for P’Lod in 1993 not long after her husband’s first year in office. “She felt very closed in at The White House. Hillary needed a safe place to go, where she could be herself. She needed someone to comfort her and P’Lod reached out. It was very sweet,” said Hillary’s close friend, Tammy Davis.

They tried to keep their relationship secret for years, but their love was too strong. “It really was a storybook romance, and one of the universe’s greatest love stories.

P’Lod has also been a close advisor to Hillary on all her political career. Many often give her husband Bill credit for guiding her to her Senate win and her two runs at President of the United State. Actually, P’Lod has been her closest confidante. He told her to go to Michigan and Wisconsin in 2016 and told her to take Donald Trump on with secrets only he knew, but she wouldn’t do it.

Now, with Hillary semi-retired and enjoying walks in the woods, P’Lod has reconnected with her. “They are the two happiest beings on earth,” Davis told WWN.


Well, Bill isn’t so happy. After all the times he cheated on Hillary and all the years that he did not give her his best, he is now the one full of jealousy. “He can hardly contain his anger,” said Bill’s longtime pal, John Podesta. “P’Lod has been wonderful for Hillary, but Bill can’t take it. He wants her back.”

Hillary now wants to run again in 2020 and is determined to take another stab at The White House. But P’Lod is strongly encouraging her to stay out of the race. Many close to P’Lod fear he won’t see Hillary as much while she is on the campaign trail. And he does want to take her into outer space again. He can’t do that if she is tied up with another election.

WWN has close ties in both the Hillary and P’Lod camps, so we will keep you updated on all new developments.

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