BOCA CHICA, Texas — Elon Musk has announced that he wants Weekly World News and its ace reporter, Frank Lake, onboard Starship as it heads to Mars later this year.

Musk laid out his plan for interplanetary travel at the company’s South Texas test site here on Saturday (Sept. 28) — the 11th anniversary of the first successful orbital launch of SpaceX’s first rocket, the Falcon 1.

Musk feels that Weekly World News is THE only news organization he trusts to accompany his crew. WWN’s Frank Lake has spent the last three weekends training at Musk’s facility.

The new version of Starship (and its Super Heavy booster) will be able to carry 75 to Mars. Frank Lake will be joined by Elsa Akesson, another WWN stalwart on the journey that will have a relatively quick turnaround.

There are rumors that Bat Boy will be aboard the spaceship. But that will happen only if Bat Boy is not successful in his bid for the presidency in 2020.

“Weekly World News is the most inspiring media company on the planet and I am happy to have them part of my SpaceX team.” He told reporters this at the company’s site near Boca Chica Village, just outside of Brownsville. “Wow, what an incredible job by such a great team to build this incredible vehicle. I’m so proud to work with such a great team. And to have Weekly World News with us. It’s a dream come true.”

More on this story as details unfold….

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