JAPAN – An 18-year-old golfing sensation has put his name in the record books!
Ryo Ishikawa had six career Japan Tour titles before his win on Sunday. Winning The Crowns professional golfing tournament in central Japan brought his total to seven, but it was perhaps the most special win of his career. Ishikawa shot a 58 on his final round, making that the lowest score ever recorded in a major tour event.
“I always dreamed of getting a score like this but didn’t think I would do it so fast,” Ishikawa said. “It really hasn’t sunk in yet, but I’m sure it will after a few days.”
Perhaps it hasn’t sunk in for him yet, but analysts and golf aficionados across the globe are already letting it sink in. Ishikawa was already a Japanese superstar, but his performance on Sunday has cemented that fact even further and has began to get him the worldwide exposure he’s deserved.
Ishikawa birdied nine of his first 11 holes, had three in a row on the back nine and missed out on a final score of 57 by missing a birdie attempt on the 18th. Even more impressive is the fact that Ishikawa put together the score on a par-70 course.
The young star’s score is so impressive that Japan Golf Tour Organization executive director Andy Yamanaka believes Ishikawa has “rescued the JGTO Tour” from financial ruin.
“Ryo is the complete package,” Yamanaka said. “I’m not sure if it was the same situation with Tiger Woods in the US when he was younger but I’ve never seen anyone like Ryo in terms of his potential as an international athlete.”

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