LOS ANGELES, CA – The ever popular mom of octuplets made an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey show to tell her side of the story!
“I feel like a carnival attraction,” said Nadya Suleman of being known as “Octomom” and constantly being followed by paparazzi. Suleman appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show to hopefully paint a better picture for herself and clear some of the negativity that surrounds her.
Prior to her appearance on the show, Winfrey’s cameras spent 24 hours with Suleman and her 14 children. The cameras showed the hectic day that Suleman is subjected to everyday and she said that she struggles with being able to provide the children with enough attention.
“I live with a tremendous amount of guilt … and I’ll live with this forever,” she said. Despite her hectic schedule, Suleman never once considered giving any of her children up to foster care.
Winfrey touched on the topic of Suleman posing in a bikini for magazine covers asking, “Why are you doing that?” To which Suleman replied, “Let me tell you why: 14 hungry mouths. I must feed my children.” A bikini shoot with Star Magazine gave Suleman a $100,000 paycheck.
The mother of 14 says that she spends roughly $1,000 a week on groceries going through 35 loaves of bread, 21 dozen eggs and 20 gallons of milk.
Suleman went on to say that “octomom” is a fictional character, “the antithesis of who I am.” She also denied getting pregnant to seek fame, never thinking that the in-vitro fertilization would result in “a litter” of children. “It was something based on a selfish, immature decision,” Suleman told Winfrey, explaining that she should have had fewer embryos transferred.

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