NEW YORK, NY – Lady luck was with the son of a well-respected actor as his jail sentence was more than favorable!
“I miss being involved as an entertainer and putting a smile on people’s faces and inspiring them,” a broken and meek Cameron Douglas told the courtroom.
Whether it is a blessing or a curse to be the son of Michael Douglas, that was the hand Cameron was dealt. Thrust into the spotlight due to his family name, Cameron was the rich kid with the high-profile dad and the super-cool mom. Cameron strayed from the path however, going from junkie, to drug pusher, to police rat once he was arrested. He played with fire for way too long and got burned.
On Tuesday, Judge Richard Berman sentenced the drug dealer to five years in prison, half the 10-year sentence any other individual would have faced. The judge may have felt a degree of pity and sympathy, as the 31-year-old apologized and admitted that he had thrown away most of the opportunities to turn his life around.
“I would like to apologize to my family … and for my behaviors … I’d like to ask you for the opportunity to be a productive family member and a good role model,” Cameron told the judge, according to the NY Post.
As if the sentencing was good enough, the judge informed Cameron that the eight months he’s already served in jail will count towards the five years. In addition, if Cameron were to get himself into a drug-treatment program, he could see another year of that sentence disappear. Must be nice being the son of a high-profile celebrity.

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