DALLAS, TX – One racing exec has come up with a creative way to get press for his track!
Eddie Gossage is the president of Texas Motor Speedway and he’s come up with a way to bring attention to his track. He’s offered local DJ Terry Dorsey $100,000 to not only change his station’s name to TexasMotorSpeedway.com for a year, but to also get a permanent TMS tattoo.
The offer was made yesterday and Gossage gave Dorsey 24 hours to accept. Gossage’s idea is brilliant and if accepted will get him undeniable exposure until 2011. If Dorsey turns it down, well he’d be passing up the easiest $100,000 he’ll ever make.
“Changing my name to TexasMotorSpeedway.com for a year seems absurd, but the offer $100,000 is also a bit out there,” Dorsey said.
As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. However, sometimes, money trumps both actions and words. Dorsey revealed today that he would be accepting the full effect of the offer. Dorsey revealed on his broadcast today that he will be looking into changing the name of his show by Thursday and that he’ll be getting his tattoo live on one of his shows.
Now that’s what you call some clever marketing. Some individuals know no bounds when it comes to making a profit or building an empire.


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