KNOXVILLE, TN – Two teams in the Southern Professional Hockey League raised the bar for any future fights in hockey!
An epic hockey fight took place on Saturday night between the Fayetteville FireAntz and the Knoxville Icebears. The game was the regular season finale for the two teams and it was certainly a grand way to end the season.
After the fight subsided, 19 players were ejected, in addition to a coach for good measure. The fight which cleared the benches lasted for more than six minutes. Fayetteville lost so many players that it was forced to forfeit the game because it could not field a team.
Four players from the FireAntz and three players from the Icebears have received suspensions due to the fight. Both teams’ head coaches have also been suspended by the SPHL.
Fayettville coach Tommy Stewart and his Knoxville counterpart, MArc Rodgers, have been suspended for two games that will commence this Friday during the playoffs.
Check out the fight below.

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