CANADA – One Minor League Hockey coach did not agree with a ref’s call and made his feelings quite obvious!
Jim Playfair is the coach of the Abbotsford Heat who play in the MHL. One of his players was sent off the ice for a charging major on Saturday night. That sent Playfair off the edge and unleashed a tantrum that spectators dream of.
At first Playfair seems to be calm and collected. He asks the referee to come over and explain what just happened. Clearly the ref did not give Playfair the reasoning he was looking for. Playfair erupts in a rage. He does his best Superman/Macho Man Randy Savage impression and loses his jacket quicker than Tiger Woods sheds his wedding ring.
Playfair reaches for not one, but two of his players’ sticks and proceeds to smash them against the boards. One can only imagine what he yells at the refs in his tantrum.
While some will argue that his actions were uncalled for, it’s nice to see some passion and fire in the minors. Man has a job to do and he took “sticking up for your player” to a whole new level.
Sit back and enjoy Playfair’s rage below.

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