CHATTANOOGA, TN – A misbehaved canine has been spared by a judge and ordered to obedience classes!
Vandalizing a police officer’s vehicle is something that would certainly get anyone into hot water. Winston the dog never got that memo and unleashed a fiery rage on a Chattanooga police officer’s vehicle. Winston’s tantrum was caught on video by a second unit called onto the scene.
The boxer-bull mix wasn’t stopped by a taser but was finally apprehended and taken into custody at the McKamey Animal Shelter. Owner Nancy Emerling said that Winston never caused any trouble before and that his behavior was unlike him.
While at the shelter, Winston displayed a meek and mild personality, a complete 180 from his actions in the video, so the judge and owners reached an agreement. The Emerlings were given a $200 fine and were required to enlist Winston into obedience classes. Winston will also be required to wear a tag that declares him “potentially dangerous.”
Check out Winston tell the police vehicle who’s the boss.

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