NEW YORK, NY – A seasoned chef has begun pumping out some new dishes using a rather unusual ingredient!
Daniel Angerer is the chef at up-scale restaurant Klee Brasserie in New York City. He’s best known for beating renowned chef Bobby Flay on Food Network’s “Iron Chef.” Angerer has pushed the envelope on innovation has begun cooking up dishes using cheese made from breast milk.
That was not a typo and his wife, Lori Mason, has been supplying the milk for his new creations. The couple haS a new born baby Arabella that just turned 4 weeks old and they realized that their freezer was overflowing with breast milk. With his wife’s approval, Angerer began experimenting with making cheese out of the breast milk. With some curdling and about two weeks of aging, the result was a sweet cheese not far removed from cheese made with cow’s milk.
“We are fortunate to have plenty of pumped mommy’s milk on hand, and we even freeze a good amount of it,” Angerer wrote on his Web site. “Our small freezer ran out of space. To throw it out would be like wasting gold.”
The recipe has received mixed reviews but Angerer claims that it’s all in the name of kitchen science. Whatever the case may be, Angerer’s reemergence has sparked another question. Does he have any relation to famed Weekly World News columnist Ed Anger?
The similarities can be seen in their radical thought processes. The number of chef’s that would experiment with breast milk IS probably few and far between. When it comes to voicing opinions, Ed Anger takes the cake on taking a stance and making sure his voice is heard. Perhaps their apples fell from the same tree?
“Not a chance in hell I’m related to Angerer,” Anger said. “I would never want to be related to some sissy chef whipping up ‘treats’ with breast milk. The only cheese I want to see is American on my burger. Washed down with an ice cold beer. I’m madder than Avatar at the Oscars!”

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