KANSAS CITY, MO – A woman has finally been charged for the now infamous trashing of a Missouri McDonald’s!
Police released video of a young woman destroying a McDonald’s on December 27. She is seen getting angry after claiming the workers prepared her order incorrectly.
When they will not issue her a refund, she begins shouting at the staff. Minutes later, she begins throwing equipment around!
Police say she caused thousands of dollars of damage, and had been looking for tips on her identity. On Tuesday, the prosecutor’s office finally charged 19-year-old Alesha McMullen with Class D felony property damage.
She could not be reached for comment on the incident.

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3 thoughts on “ALESHA MCMULLEN”

  1. No one is denying she was wrong for throwing that tantrum but I have a totally different concern. From a customer's point of view if I do not like something and I haven't eaten it, why shouldn't or wouldn't I get my money back?

  2. I guarantee that her hamburger was exactly like every other McDonald's hamburger. This girl just wanted a free burger, and got angry when the restaurant didn't go along with her scam.


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