WASHINGTON, DC – Residents are up in arms over an off-duty cop pulling out a gun during a snowball fight!
Washington, DC police are being forced to investigate a controversial incident that occurred during this weekend’s record-breaking blizzard.
During the chaos of the blizzard which left over a foot of snow, strangers began pelting each other in a friendly snowball fight.
However, when a snowball hit an off-duty cop’s car, the fight became ugly. According to numerous eyewitness accounts, the copy got out of his car and began waving a gun at the crowd!
Now video has emerged backing up their statements:
The detective can be heard at 02:49 admitting he showed the gun to the crowd. It is unclear if or how he will be disciplined for the show of aggression.

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9 thoughts on “SNOWBALL FIGHT GUN”

  1. Must have been trying to get invited to the Whitehouse. This time police really "acted stupidly" you can say it Barry. Thank God Metro guys saved him. I see a desk in his future.

  2. Now you see why racial profiling is wrong and unconstituional. If they were all back and haveing a friendly snowball fight, there would have been at lwast ten people shot by the white police. This coundtry hires gun happy people who feel that they are above the law. If there were no vidieo prrof each and every one of those cops would have lied to protect that Detective.
    To think we are in other countries fighting so called terrorsist when the terrorist mostly work in governmtne related jobs. Military raping in the Countries their stationed in, police shooting for riduculous reasons, and Detective torturing people to get them to confess to something they did not do. The USA and its hypocracy.

    • Hey Maria let see who your gonna call when someone sneaks in your home at night and nobody's around! I bet you call the same gun happy people to your home to protect and serve! and be dam happy they have a gun to protect you!

    • Christian thank you for putting holes in maria's theory about racial profiling. Too many people want to scream racial profiling before they know the facts, that is why this country can not move forward and out of the past. We need to realize those days are behind us, we have too many people in the world that is not just one race. We are evolving as a human race into something bigger than a race based society. It just takes some people longer to grasp onto something bigger than they are.
      Thanks for listening,

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