BRASILIA – A man has been jailed for sticking almost 30 needles into his stepson as part of a black magic ritual!
The two-year-old boy began complaining to his mother about pain. She began to suspect foul play when she noticed strange objects suddenly appearing in the house she shares with her husband, Roberto Carlos Magalhaes.
Upon taking the boy to the hospital for x-rays, it was discovered he had almost 30 needles inserted in his body! The boy was immediately put into surgery to remove four needles near his heart and his lungs that could have soon killed him.
The stepfather has since confessed to the crime and put in jail. But now he is finally saying why he did it, stating that it was a black magic ritual to get back at his wife!
“I thought the needles would work their way through his body and kill the boy. It was a way to kill without anyone discovering,” said Magalhaes.
He would would water down wine and feed it to the boy. Once the child was knocked out, his mistress would hold the boy down while Magalhaes inserted the needles into him! “I did this two or three times a week during one month,” he explained.
The mistress, Angelina Ribeiro dos Santos, has also been jailed. It is believed she too was seeking revenge against the wife, and persuaded Magalhaes to kill the boy.
Watch below for footage of the boy and his attempted murderers:

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    • This is a true story …… 1/2 of the articles on this site are amazing and true. Do a little research on each story, and you'll see what I mean.
      This is just so crazy. Think about how evil this guy is. Cheating on his wife wasn't enough. It shows what happens when you absorb your life in selfishness

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