PHILADELPHIA, PA – A woman was arrested for offering a little too much for World Series tickets!

Susan Finkelstein, 43, wrote on her Facebook profile this past weekend that she had won $175 at a casino.
“It’s a shame that still won’t come close to buying a World Series ticket,” a Facebook friend said Monday morning. “I was trying!” she replied.
Finkelstein was so intent on attending the Series that she soon resorted to questionable methods.
A post went up on the Philadelphia section of Craigslist, called “Sex and the Series”. A “gorgeous tall buxom blonde” said she was a passionate Phillies fan in need of two World Series tickets.
The price was negotiable, and that “I’m the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!”
A pair of men contacted Finkelstein, and she went to meet them at a Bensalem bar. Once there, “she said she would trade sexual favors for Phillies tickets,” Bensalem’s safety director, Fred Harran, said. “She wanted the tickets at any cost and was willing to go the extra mile.”
What Finkelstein didn’t realize was that the two men were undercover police, part of a unit that patrols the Internet for crime! She was subsequently arrested and charged with soliciting prostitution.
Her lawyer, William J. said that she only “colloquially used the words ‘will do anything for tickets.’” Brennan said his married client will ask for the charge to be dismissed.
“She was looking for tickets, not sex,” said Brennan, calling Finkelstein a “live-and-die Phillies fan” who just wanted tickets for herself and her husband.

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