BIG TIMBER, MONTANA –  Scientists made a major discovery at an archaeological dig – dinosaurs played with marbles.
A team of crack archaeologists spent a several weeks in Montana searching for dinosaur eggs, but instead of finding eggs, the team found something much bigger:  dinosaur marbles.   First reported by  http://thebonedoggle.com/

Led by Dr. Ashy Larry, the team found conclusive evidence that dinosaurs played with marbles.  “Many people think that dinosaurs were all business, just stomping around eating everything they could find, but really, they were much more playful animals,” said Dr. Larry.  “They had a love for games of chance, just like humans.  They played marbles and we can tell from the dig, that they enjoyed it

Dr. Ashy Larry (pictured above) said that this is the greatest discovery of his career.  “I’m so excited I can barely breathe,” said Dr. Larry.
The dinosaur marbles that were discovered were multi-colored and smooth.  “The dinosaurs only played with the best marbles.  These marbles would go for forty or fifty bucks today.  They are top of the line,” said Dr. Larry.

The team celebrated the find by drinking and… playing marbles.

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    • I read, evidence that dinosaurs lived among humans as they were dying and we were being made, so it was probs prople from those ages

  1. i would beleive that they could have played rolling rocks like dogs play with a ball-but playing marbles is just- not probable


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