PHILADELPHIA, PA – Jon Gosselin has spent weeks battling allegations that he cheated on his wife Kate.  But Weekly World News has finally uncovered his strange affair – with 8 clowns!

Jon and Kate Gosselin star in the popular TLC reality show “Jon and Kate plus 8”, which chronicles their life as parents of 7 year old twins and 4 year old sextuplets.

Since US magazine broke the story last week there has been a frenzy of allegations and denials in attempting to discover the truth.

Weekly World News reporters, however, have finally uncovered definitive photographic proof of the Jon Gosselin affair.

Last weekend, Jon Gosselin was seen entering a hotel room with 8 female circus performers.  The women are believed to have been part of a touring production of Cirque du Soleil.

Pictures clearly show Jon entering a room trying to avoid being recognized.  The room was registered to a “Pepper Freckles” who checked in only one hour before.

A security guard, who wishes to remain anonymous, says during the next three hours several guests complained about noises from that room, including loud repetitive squeaking and occasional rounds of applause.  During that time he once saw Jon out of the room getting ice; he had multicolored face paint on his collar and appeared to be walking funny, most likely from the oversized shoes he was wearing.  The guard then saw a female clown lean out of her room and beckon Gosselin back with a large and inappropriately shaped balloon.

Hours later Jon was seen outside of the room, weeping to his clown lovers.  He began yelling and it became clear he was desperate for them to take him with them.  The clowns refused flatly, and used seltzer bottles to make him let go of their legs.  Through tears he watched the 8 women pile into one small car and drive away.

Spokespeople for Jon Gosslin have yet to comment on these most recent allegations.

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27 thoughts on “JON & KATE PLUS 8 AFFAIR”

  1. How can Kate deny what Jonny Boy has been up to when the brother provided pics of the sister sunbathing at the KONpond, receipt for the Cole Haan handbag Jon sent from Beverly Hills when he was with Kate dining at Mr. Chow's doing damage control over coed pics? What about the expensive watch Jon got for Dede? What about postings on PA blogs commenting about young teachers, Kate and "karma" back in Feb.? Women/Men best take a lesson and quit treating your spouse like dogs/children because "karma" does come around. No one should be treated like dirt as no one should be cheated on. The worst thing is NO ONE MENTIONS THE POOR CHILDREN! Stop watching TLC, the exploiters, because the damn parents do not get it. They are harming their children. The Gosselin children bought daddy's mistress a purse and baubles. How shameful. The Gosselin children are raised by nannies so mommy can gallop around the country seeking fame and fortune with her gray haired bodyguard, How come no one questions that relationship? Check the fan photos, he's in many. BOTH GOSSELINS PARENTS ARE GREEDY, SELFISH, ATTENTION WHORES.

  2. I thought child labor was against the law? This Gosselin children have worked all their lives for their mother!

  3. No one has the right to jugde others. The only reason that this is being made into a big deal is becaiuse of who the parents are and because of their TV show. If it wany other husband and wife realtioship there would not be a big deal being made out of it. I am not saying that having an affair is right.. it is bibically against all of the God's prinicipals. It is s sin. It is something that the both of them will need to work out together. My heart goes out tho their children,

  4. Jon should not be doing that to his kids. That is just wrong and especially to Kate. If he wants a divorce then he should tell her rather than making a big deal over it. The show should not end just because this is happening. I LOVE Jon and Kate Plus 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I LOVE Jon and Kate Plus 8!!!!!!!! I dont want the show to end. i hope that they will work it all out. I hope they make up maybe its just a fight that they had they should talk it out not making a big deal over it like it is. Sooooooooo i hope they work it out.

  6. It's too hard to see it coming, with the way Kate treats Jon. Cheating is not pretty but I can't imagine any man can live happily with Kate.

    Some people said Jon should cheat because they have 8 children — what does the number of children got to do with it?! Besides it was because of Kat's insistence that they had the second pregnancy, against Jon's wish.

    I hope to see the show stops, the couple gets a divorce, and work for a living like everyone else.
    Children are always the victims in broken marriages. It's sad but it happens.

  7. I used to love the show, I mainly watched it cuz of the kids and Jon. Can't stand the way Kate acts. I started thinking something was going on when I used to see the way Kate would sit w/ Jon during the on show interviews. It seemed like she was sitting as far from him on that chair as possible and her body was always turned away from him. Not the body language of a happy couple, whatever's going on has been happpening for awhile. After I heard why she stopped talking to her dad after the birth of the 6 I stopped watching. Kate makes me sick. Now that I've heard what Jon's doing I'm really not watching. I'm not going to support a cheater and a materialistic b_tc_. I really feel sorry for those kids. Even if they don't know what's going on in the media, they're dirty laundry will catch up to them sooner or later.

  8. The truth is out – Kate's brother Kevin and wife Jodie spoke up. Jon & Kate Plus 8 is not a reality show. It's a staged true man show for money. Kate gave up on their marriage 6 month ago and is having an affair with her bodyguard. They both cheat. Their children were used since birth and suffering from their wracked marriage

  9. thats totaly weird
    first it was a tall, blonde, college chick
    now its 8 clowns from the cirque du soleil?
    i dont know what to believe anymore.
    its rly hard to believe in all that without seeing the 'pictures' you're mentioning

  10. wow you guys who "don't want the show to end" wow thats kind of selfish, if a man and women don't get along they shouldnt be forced to for the sake of ratings and the almighty dollar. Plus who is looking out for these children interest, their mom was showing off their poo in one episode. I'm a mom of three and all this show seems to do is just exploit the children and their future. What's is going to happen to them when they grow up and find dates? they would only find b/f's and g/f's who want to use them for A) Money, and B) to exploit them even more because of fame! damn you all who support this show you guys don't care about kids.

  11. I think we all dont know enough about it so we all should just stay out of it….even if jon did cheat they should still work it out….for the kids and them selves!

    • I am a big Jon and Kate plus 8 fan and I hope they can work things out ….. I also thank Jon and Kate are just like everyone else . every marriage needs hard work , love, respect, and trust .. They should not have to explain them selves to no one but each other ..we all know the media can make or brake you, and that is sad. And I also know they put them selves in this, but the media did too. Best of luck to you both and god be with you and your family

  12. i believe that this is stage cause like everbody keeps saying they are trying to get alot of attention and this is one way to do that and make people watch there show or sell there book and Dvds because people will be intreasted in stuff like this

  13. I think that jon and kate are trying hard to work things out and make life easier for their kids! And no one really knows whats going on about this hole thing except them so everyone needs to mind there own buisness!!!!!

  14. I think Jon has to come out and tell the truth. hopefully Kate will take him back for the sake of the children. GO KATE!!!!!

    • the parents are greddy and only looking after themself,the kids shouldnt be looking after the parents,shes a nurse go to work and look after them.your putting all the blame on jon but what about your boyfriend.its all about you.you cant talk about that other woman who gave birth to 8 kids,you did the same thing only you got six.give the kids a life.

  15. Somehow I had missed this bit of news/gossip. Jon had to be on a short leash. I now can see why Kate was so despirit to hold on to John. How dare he claim the devorce was her idea. He is nothing more than a lier and a cheat. At that time she had to have been teriffied that she would never be able to support all those children. I can ubderstand why she screamed and demanded Jon to do so much for the children. I thought She was the reason he cheated. I can now see that he was the reason he had to account for time, money and child care. The new Kate is most likely the REAL Katie.

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