LOS ANGELES, CA – Adam Lambert is heavily favored to win this season of American Idol.  Is America ready for its first possibly gay idol?

Message boards and church groups have been talking for months about Adam Lambert’s gender bending ways.  The aspiring singer has raised questions about his sexuality by being well groomed, wearing eye-liner, and being photographed in drag kissing other men.

To date Lambert, or Glambert as he is known by his fans, has given no definite answer about his sexuality.

Lambert has received even more attention this week as Revlon has signed the popular singer to be the new face of their makeup line.  A Revlon spokesperson said, “We believe he will be the hip new face that would appeal to the young and fabulous and artistic emo boys alike.”

Several church groups are calling for a boycott of American Idol and Revlon.  One Alabama pastor was quoted as saying, “If we allow our young people to idolize this man, he will turn them all homosexual and our country will die out in a generation or two!”

When sought for response by reporters, Lambert said, “Oh honey, I ain’t that good!”

Like all other winners, if Lambert is crowned the next American Idol he will spend the next year living in a Temple/Mansion in southern California.  During his tenure as the American Idol, he will receive homage from worshipping fans, daily sacrifices of probiotic brunch tortillas and the opportunity to spread his message to stores across the country.

After his crown is passed on he will be dipped in polyurethane to preserve him for all time, and placed in the lobby of Fox Television.

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21 thoughts on “FIRST GAY AMERICAN IDOL?”

  1. There will come a day when its going to be major press that a white male heterosexual was "allowed" to keep a job over another ethnic group. We're already becoming the United Pathetic States as the government imposes it's will over the will of the civilian majority in allowing the sanctity of marriage to now be tarnished in recognizing gays to be married – though the bible specifically states "Lev 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

    And why is don't ask don't tell discrimination against gays. I don't walk into a room and announce.
    "Hey guys! I like to put my meat pole in the pink taco!"

    Sad – sad – sad…

    • 1 gay doesn't mean nor usually has anything to do with sex
      2you may not say it but if you did nothing would happen but if you said you were gay you would get fired, doing something detrimental to one person yet not the other on the same merit IS discrimination.
      3read the who of Leviticus; again gay doesn't mean sex n you would see what abomination means, why and the context of killings then know better than to make irrelevant n biblically ignorant quotes.

    • D.U.M.B.
      Gay doesn't mean sex?
      Are you seriously that dense?
      Ignorance is the disease of the uninformed. I hope you find more knowledge in your pursuit of education, then you will be able to form a more sound argument.

  2. This is such bull, It's not even news worthy! Why bring up sexuality? I am a right wing fanatic, PROUD to be a Christian, And a Adam Lambert Fan. I've seen those pictures, I don't agree with that but I am NOT judging him on his private life I am soley and absolutely behind his amazing talent. He has the IT factor what ever IT is, and it doesn't matter a hill of beans if he's gay or Bi, Straight Etc. He has my Vote(s) I think the sexuality issue should be put to rest, it's yesterdays news….What a title, thats the only reason I stopped in, otherwise I would of skipped over this article entirely. Pure Rubbish!

  3. Oh by the way, I grew up listening to Elton John, Queen and Wham, AKA George Micheals, there again, talent not sexuality, don't make it such an Issue…Geeesh! and While I'm at it, Any one who calls themselves a Christian, A Real Christian, wouldn't hate him for it, they would try to show God's Love to him, Not Brand him as some Sinner above all else. It plainly says, all who were not written in the book of life were cast in the lake of fire….Well, what do you have to do get that, BE BORN….Makes me sick to hear So Called Christians twist and take things out of context. All you have to do is read the new testament, Jesus would not of shunned him, he would of loved him and shared the gospel…Ok, I'm into righteous indignation mode… Just leave the sexuality out. Adam is brillant and has a GOD given talent. He is as deserving to win as the others in spite of his beliefs, Life Style Etc…

  4. ATTENTION: To All WORLD WIDE FANS Of ADAM!!! . . .We can VOTE!!! I read this post from Time: “I’m living in Peru and I figured out how to vote with an international telefonecard. Start asking around how you can make foncalls to USA. I’m technically not that talented, but I voted full 2 hours last week. My friend in USA just sent me a message when I could start voting and which telefonumber and it worked out great! I placed like 150 votes for Adam on 2 telefonlines! THAT may never ever happen again that an exceptional talented singer like ADAM finishes in the bottom 2. (even if I still think somebody is messing with us…) greetings from Lima. . .
    I thank Labelle for this information. Please go out and buy those phone cards and tell your friends. But you need someone from US to text you when voting starts and the number of Adam. I’m relieved that as a fan from Hong Kong, I will be able to do something for the LOVE of ADAM!!!

  5. This young man is very talented and does not deserve any of this. IF he wasn't one TV we would not care at all. I am a christian woman and enjoy his performances. He is unique and has a lot of style.
    As far as the biblical references-I feel that it is also said Judge NOT least ye be judged. Jesus told the croud gathered to stone the prostitute-Let those of you that are without sin cast the first stone. NO ONE COULD> Be understanding and forgiving-and basically Mind your own business. HE isn't pushing himself on anyone (gay or straight) but some of the clergy(pastors, priest,etc) didn't give their victims the same -so who is doing more wrong??? Think people

  6. Is this for serious??? His talent is being over looked over his sexuality? I am even more surprised of the concern, Alabamas pastor. Well pestor let me assure you, being gay is not something one can be converted in to. I am a gay British Muslim and our first pop idol in uk was a gay young man called Will Young. As for the follow of our generation? Is in no jepordy. So I wish all the best to Adam Lembart. Who knows may be he will turn a few of our young generation(in question) from guns and knives in to making something better out of them.

  7. I don't understand why Hollywood has to make a big deal out of Christian's freak out! I mean, what's the big friggin' deal? He didn't tackle the photographer (who is paid to stay out of the filming scene – that's why the director says, "lights, camera…action") and beat him to death. I can see all of you ranting a raving people don't know SPIT about acting. He's professional and wants to get the scene right. He doesn't want to re-do shot after shot, especially if he's tired and stressed. Give him a break and stop bashing Bale.
    By the way, he's totally better than Chris Brown. Three reasons:
    1. He's never beaten his wife or daughter
    2. He'd loose weight and look ugly – Chris Brown would not
    3. I like his singing voice in "Newsies."
    So, in my opinion (if I can an opinion in this time and age) Christian deserves some respect – no excuse in his behavioutr though – but he still doesn't need to be bashed. That's all I have to say.

  8. First, nice photoshop job guys! Next time make the persons behind the advert more crystal clear and try not to use too much Gaussian blur.

    It doesn't matter what I, nor anyone else thinks. It is what Adam thinks and obviously he is comfortable being who he is. Personally I think he is extremely talented and is 100% original. If he wasn't talented he would not have made it past the judges, but what has made him a star is being who he is vocally and physically. The vocal sty lings, make-up, the costumes and all!

    Embrace diversity, or go jump off that bridge with everyone else, while us diversified, respecting, and accepting people make the world better after all the rest of you are gone.


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