SAINT LUCIA – Amy Winehouse decided to bare all this weekend, including removing her signature beehive – and witnesses were turned to stone!

Winehouse is enjoying a relaxing Caribbean Christmas with friends and family after a crushing year. She flirted with rehab multiple times and recently began divorce proceedings, while her music career took the backseat.

In an effort to let it all hang out, Winehouse revealed not only much of her body but her natural hair as well, to the shock and immediate transformation of male onlookers. It appears her beehive was for more than just fashion: Winehouse has the Medusa effect!

The revealing of her true serpentine hair will turn any men who look upon her into stone, as many unfortunate tourists found out.The beach quickly cleared and Winehouse frolicked in the waves to her heart’s content.

Will she continue to keep her curse in check when she returns to England? Or will she begin using her powers for evil? Paparazzi, beware!

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