Miley Cyrus is giving sex advice to girls and parents across America.
Following the controversy over wearing a “pantless” outfit, Miley Cyrus announced to reporters that she is working on a book (and workshops) about sex.
“At this point, I’m an expert on the topic,” Miley reportedly told WWN. “I believe sex is the most important aspect to life, and I want everyone to enjoy it as much as I do.”
The 19-year-old said: “The girls that really base how much they’re worth on the sexual favors they can do for somebody, that makes me really sad. Because sex is actually really beautiful.”
The singer and actress claima that not talking about sex could lead to youngsters approaching it wrongly.

So, what is Miley’s advice?
“She’ll be realizing a book and DVDs soon,” said her manager.  “And she’ll be on Dr. Phil, Ellen and in a private interview with Oprah to discuss, but we can give you the four basic points.”
The Joy of Miley Sex (excerpts from her upcoming book):
1)  IT”S BEAUTIFUL.   Sex is beautiful and if you are beautiful or think you’re beautiful and then you find someone who you think is beautiful and you take your clothes off and just get beautiful with each other, well then it’s all just so beautiful.  Be beautiful, baby.
2) IT’S MAGICAL.  It takes you to another world.   Girls should allow themselves to fantasize and dream when you are with your guy.  You’ll feel like you are in heaven, but maybe you have other fantasies.  Maybe you’re a unicorn and he’s a flying lion…  Maybe you’re seeing stars and fireworks, but let yourself see rainbows and lollipops and… me.  That’ll be cool for you.

3) IT’S BONDING.  You can’t just connect with your body.  You have to connect with your mind too.  The best sex is when two people connect with their brains, with their minds.  So, try to get into his brain, before you get into his pants.  Maybe do some crossword puzzles together or play word-association games.  That will make the sex that much better.
4) IT’S MUSICAL.  Moaning and groaning are old school.   You need to learn a few sex songs that you can sing when you are feeling “great”… Guys love when girls break out in to songs.    I recommend “Party in the U.S.A.” and “Butterfly Away”… both of those are perfect to sing at the “right moment.”

Miley Cyrus is urging mothers to talk to their teenagers about her approach to sex so that they will be better prepared when the find the right man – and so they’ll know what to do in the bedroom!
And, she wants the world to continue.
“Look, I don’t know if you guys know it, but sex is how we get babies and babies is how we get people, so we really need to be having more sex, so that we have more people who have more sex.  It’s magical!”

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26 thoughts on “MILEY CYRUS SEX ADVICE”

  1. I find it rediculous for such a young girl giving out sex advice. She's probably been sheltered when she was young, and being an "adult" for the past two or three years hardly makes her qualified to give advice on sex. Dr. Ruth had a degree, but I doubt Miley has any training about sex.

  2. Sorry but wat a whore…. Young kids should not b having sex, i made that mustake n didnt believe i can get pregnant, i was a very young teenager n was on birth control n i got pregnant, i never believed it would happen to me cuz i was on birth control….. Well i thought wrong

  3. People, calm down… all of these "news articles" are complete balogna. Have you looked at what other articles they have? "Facebook will end on July 15th, 2012!" and "Alien Spaceships to attack Earth in November 2012!" Yeah… these are humurous blogs, not actual news articles. I doubt Miley Cyrus would ever sink to that level…

  4. Look, it's been no secret that for years she's been slowly spiralling more and more out of control…her dad's completely embarrassed by her racy behavior and you'll note that since she started this awful behavior that she's no longer popular…

  5. yeah…she's right sex is really beautiful,magical,bonding and musical……it's perfect…there's nothing else to fell something better

  6. miley your an IDIOT! it would be bad for young people to have sex because that's where orphanages come in and it wouldn't be that babies fault if a 14 year old followed your advice. no child deserves to be put through that. you're a ****ing *****.

  7. Miley, you are a freakin retard. Who, in their right mind, encourages children to have sex?! You are 19 years old. You're barely even an adult and you have been a whore for as long as I can remember but this is too much. Grow the fu*k up. You are an embarrassment to your family. I thought you were a Christian or catholic and would always help people and be a good person? How is this being a good person? You are being a whore, tramp, bit*h, sl*t and an all around retard!

  8. I think if she's actually encouraging kids to have sex she is no longer my role model! WAIT!!! She never was because she's stupid and stinks at singing! I don't know why she's even a celebrity! I can sing better than she can! And besides even if it wasn't her who wrote the book, why is she saying that she did?!!! I rest my case!

  9. i do not think that showing sexuality is bad, people think that if she was in some children's program she supposed to behave all the time innocently, she want to grow up so let her, if you think that all the persons who appeared in children's program not growing up so let me tell you somthing' but shh…do not tell anyone..you are wrong 🙂

  10. So, TO ALL the BELIEVERS of this article:
    All of this is stupid and probably not true (the same as the article I saw about TAYLOR SWIFT'S PREGNANCY (Taylor pregnant? wtf?)).
    Other thing is, if you just defame her with your "beautiful" words as b**** and f******, you just show that you are jealous of her, not anything else.
    And those who agree soo much – you are gross, ewww, really, please keep that for yourself. Thank you.

  11. Lol Miley you a stupid b**** if you enjoy sex than continue on having sex…. But do not go out and encourage the little kids in having sex…. You don't understand what parents go through to try avoiding sex until the atleast 17 or 18… It's bad enough we see kids at the age of 14 with a kid already….. And if anything save this advise until you have your own child!
    P.S you a stupid b****


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