WWN has confirmed that Tupc, the REAL Tupac not the hologram, will be touring 65 cities in the U.S. this fall!

Many people were amazed at the Tupac hologram, who performed at Coachella a few weeks ago.  But in an exclusive interview, sources close to Tupac say that  it wasn’t a hologram…. Tupac is still alive!
He is calling his 2012 tour… The Resurrection Tour!
“Tupac never died.  He was playing everybody,” said a source close to Tupac.  “And that wasn’t no hologram.  That was Tupac for real.  We just used some magic to make it look like it was a hologram.

Tupac is arguably the greatest rap star of all times and fans are already lining up to get tickets.  The tour will kick off in Madison Square Garden in September and end in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve.
Dr. Dre has confirmed that he will join Tupac on the Resurrection Tour.  Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Drake will also join the tour.
“Everybody loves Tupac.  This is going to be the greatest tour of all time.   No doubt,” an insider close to Dr. Dre said. I

Tupac performed  renditions of “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted”  at Coachella… but sources say that Tupac is going to tour with – all new material!
“Tupac has been busy working on what we all think is the greatest record made by anybody.   When this drops, well you can forget about Elvis, The Beatles, Madonna, The Stones,  and all the rappers… this will be THE album on the millennium.”

Tour organizers plan on announcing details of the Tupac 2012 Resurrection Tour in New York City on May 15th.
Get ready to make good… out of the dirty, nasty!


  1. So, this was a 2012 tour, but I didn´t hear about it at all, we are in 2013 and I still don´t see no fucking tupac, tupac is dead.


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