A runaway ostrich is causing chaos on the busy streets of a Saudi Arabian town!

Drivers are seen swerving to avoid the bounding 400lb adult bird as it darts fearlessly between lanes.
At one point, the 8ft tall besast is bumped to the ground by a car – but immediately gets up and continues on its bid for escape.

Witnesses in the southern town of Abha, said:  “It was running randomly among the cars, causing a traffic jam and attracting a big crowd.”
They also said that no-one knew where the creature had come from – speculating it had fled a nearby farm.
Perhaps it was a relative of Edgar the ostrich who regularly terrorized a rural cemetery in Lostwithiel, Cornwall, England, back in 2007.

The 6ft fiend would chase mourners and eat graveside floral tributes, scaring many residents off from paying their respects to the deceased.

Watch him go:

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