BROOKLYN, NY —  Just weeks before the debut of his Animal Planet series, Mike Tyson has admitted to his lifelong pigeon fetish.
“Iron Mike” claims he is ready to show the world what kind of man he really is:  a “feather duster” of heavyweight proportions.
Tyson, 44, will exhibit an unfamiliar, and sometimes uncomfortable, tender side as he shows the depth of his love for pigeons.
“This is not no hobby. This is love. This is something I am going to do until the day I die,” he said to media outlets Thursday.
“I like all kinds of pigeons. Dirty park pigeons, yes. Them weird albino pigeons, yes.  But my babies, my babies are my red homey pigeons. They always come back. Just no doves! You hear me? No doves. Even if you blindfold me, I’ll know the difference! Don’t let me catch you offering me a dove!” continued Tyson.

“This is what I do. My life is dedicated to pigeons, even when I have been fighting or getting locked up I’ve been loving pigeons.  And I’ve been loving them right!” Tyson explained to reporters.
“There are things about my life. I had a pretty colorful past…,” he said. “Pigeons have always been there for me, even in the most darkest, dirtiest places.”
“Taking on Tyson” debuts on Animal Planet on March 6. The premiere is scheduled to align with the prime breeding season for most pigeons, March to July. Tyson requested that filming wrap in time for “the good sh*t.”
PETA continues to protest Tyson’s show and is demanding its cancellation. A rep for the animal rights organization claims, “the pigeons just become so exhausted that they’re unable to fly.”

Tyson has been listed as “a person of interest” for the string of dead birds falling from the sky across North America, most recently a mysterious incident near Quebec City in which a farmer found about 800 dead pigeons on his property.

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