NEW YORK – The mystery of Charlie Sheen’s missing watch has been solved.   The hooker took it!

The NYPD put over a dozen detectives on The Case of the Missing Charlie Sheen Watch.   Detectives feel it is a key piece of evidence in the arrest of  Sheen the other night.   Sheen’s rampage at the Plaza Hotel the other night began when he couldn’t find his prized Patek Philippe 5970 watch.  The cost? $150,000.

Here’s the watch:

The watch is in “crazy high demand” with collectors, according to an expert. “So few people have them … and so few people trade in them .. that the watch will return at some point,” says the expert.

The NYPD finally cracked the case last night.   Sheen”s porn-star/escort/hooker companion, Capri Anderson, who was found cowering in the bathroom by police – took the watch.    Cops said she hid it in a “private location on her body” when she was taken out of the hotel room for safety.

But detectives found Capri yesterday doing an underground swimsuit photo shoot on the lower east side.  She was wearing Charlie’s watch!  Here’s a photo from the session:

You think it’s the same watch?


When authorities confronted Capri and asked her about the watch, she took off running.  She ran across Houston Street in her bikini being chased by detectives, plain clothes cops and hundreds of horny New York men.

Anderson was tackled by a female cop near the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge.   They wrestled for a while, with onlookers cheering them on – and placing bets.  The cop, Angela Marcovetti, finally pinned down Capri and officers took her away.   Detectives have been working her over good today – trying to get her to confess that she stole the watch.

Anderson is claiming her innocence.  She said that her uncle gave her the watch as a birthday gift and that it’s a “total coincidence” that Sheen had the same watch.  “That’s how Charlie and I met.  We were at the restaurant, comparing watches and we really hit it off.”  Anderson said.

When Sheen, who is back in L.A.  and on the set of Two and a Half Men, heard that his watch was found was ecstatic.  “He was so excited, ” said co-star Jon Cryer.    “He bought escorts for the whole cast and crew.   We were all so happy he got his watch back.’

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11 thoughts on “CHARLIE SHEEN’S WATCH”

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  2. Why isn't Charlie trying to run for Senate ?
    Heck, why not President !
    He has the same sort of taste in friends as Pres. Clinton had and
    most Senators wish they could afford.
    Nobody likes a cheap guy and Charlie is first class all the way.
    Charlie isn't worried abou t leaving a hundred grand or so around for
    the taking, he'll fit right in with the D.C. crowd.
    His mistake was hiring those crooked chimps to tend bar.
    They must be illeagle party animals, commie trickesters Castro kicked out of Cuba
    on a boat lift. They must have framed that cute innocent girl.
    How is she supposed to feel a tiny watch ?
    She doesn't have eyes on the back of her head.
    She is GUILTY. Guilty of being too good looking and trusting.

  3. If it is the same watch she is an idiot to wear it in pictures for people to see. Even porn stars aren't dumb enough to show criminal evidence to the public. That brand of watches have much more value then a Rolex does.


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