NEW YORK, NY – A new candidate has emerged in the race to replace Steve Carell on The Office!
The Office has been a hit for NBC the last six seasons – thanks in large part to Steve Carell’s alter ego, Michael Scott. The little paper company that could, Dunder Mifflin, and its quirky employees have captivated millions season after season. The unfortunate news of Carell leaving after this season has only now begun to sink in – with NBC moving towards finding a replacement.
Rumors have begun to swirl about who may try and fill the shoes that Carell will leave behind. “Eastbound & Down” star Danny McBride and Rhys Darby from the defunct “Flight of the Conchords” have emerged as early favorites. McBrides alter ego, Kenny Powers, has shot the actor into recent stardom – with a new set of Kswiss commercials taking off featuring Powers. He could be a hot commodity, but the fact that his TV series has been picked up for another season would make it hard for NBC to land him. Darby is a free agent thanks to his defunct series, but he doesn’t carry the same recognition. So what if…
Ed Anger was entered into the equation. Weekly World News has gotten some information out of ultra-secretive NBC and it’s definitely interesting. We’ve learned that Anger is being seriously considered to step into the role of Carell.
“Ed Anger would certainly present us and the show with a new dynamic,” a producer of the show said. “His tell-it-like-it-is personality would fit right in with the overall theme of the show. He’s opinionated and he’s passionate. We could also see a great rivalry develop between Anger and Dwight.”
WWN reached out to Anger and got a few words out of him.
“I’m madder than Tim Tebow at a strip club,” said Anger. “The Office will not be the same without Carell – as much as I hate giving credit to anyone. Perhaps the only way that show will survive – at least in my eyes – is if I step into the picture. My name better be thrown into that hat.”
Stay tuned to see how this saga unfolds.

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  1. We should get managator to replace Carroll. Then managator should bite the little blond ladies head off and run away

  2. When I heard that WWN had gotten some information out of ultra-secretive NBC and definitely going to be interesting. Ed Anger is being seriously considered to step into the role of Carell. We can only hope


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