NEW YORK, NY – One girl is an early favorite to win “best way to quit your job” for the year!
Jenny “the Assistant” – that’s as much as we know about her – has become an instant Internet sensation. The “HOPA” (we’ll explain momentarily) devised perhaps the most creative way to quit her job. She unleashed a barrage of pictures in which she let her dry erase board do the talking.
Jenny quit her job yesterday by sending a company-wide email with photos of her resignation letter written in a series of hysterical dry erase board posts. The story was first reported by theChive.
Jenny was an assistant to a broker named Spencer, became fed up with both his temper and bad breath. She endured two years of “hell” solely for the sake of becoming a broker. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she heard good old Spencer call her a “HOPA” on the phone. After some investigative work, she determined that he was calling her a “Hot Piece of Ass” – perhaps after referring to Urban dictionary. We can’t really do this justice – just check out her resignation below…
Shocking Update!!! “Jenny the Assistant” may just be a great internet hoax after all. After an interview with the owners of theChive.com, All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka has come to the conclusion that Jenny is fake. Leo Resig told Kafka that the truth would be revealed Wednesday morning at 10am. Stay tuned…

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