NEW YORK, NY – Another celebrity has come out with a sex tape – but it’s not what you think!
It seems as though the current trend amongst celebrities today is to release a sex tape. While it isn’t the best of trends and sometimes celebrities didn’t plan on the tape being releases, sex tapes are running rampant. Eva Mendes is the desire of countless warm blooded males and she has decided to join the fun. Mendes is finally putting out her sex tape – S.EX. Tape that is.
FunnyorDie is at it again and has produced a new clip featuring the “Other Guys” bombshell. In it, Mendes tries her luck at infomercials to promote her own brand of duct tape.
The video begins with Mendes appearing in night vision – a reference to Paris Hilton’s infamous sex tape – before the lights are turned on and it is revealed that she’s not promoting some bedroom fun, but rather a tape in the more literal sense.
“People want a tape that Secures things EXtremely well – S.EX. tape!” Mendes says merrily over cheesy infomercial music.
Sorry guys, the days of an Eva Mendes sex tape will have to wait. Until then, the imagination is a powerful tool and Mendes leaves much to the imagination. Don’t forget to pick up your own S.EX. tape.

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