HOLLYWOOD, CA – Bob Barker has a bone to pick with the host of the show he made famous!
Bob Barker hosted The Price is Right for 35 years. When one thinks of the show, Barker automatically comes to mind as he was, and to a degree is the heart and soul of that show. When Drew Carey took over, he knew there were some big shoes to fill and many individuals had their doubts about if he could live up to Barker’s reputation as host.
Carey has been hosting the show for three years now, and it doesn’t seem as though he’s doing that great of a job. Barker has called out Carey and ha voiced his belief that The Price is Right is not well off with Carey at the helm.
The iconic game show host has accused Carey of taking some of the glamour and sparkle out of the legendary game show.
“Well, he does the show differently than I did,” Barker said when approached by a TMZ.com cameraman. “I tried to make the show really exciting and, uh, he doesn’t do that. He just plays the game.”
Barker, 86, said goodbye to The Price is Right in 2007, after 6,586 episodes and 35 years as the face of the popular CBS program.

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  1. Of course Drew wouldn't do the show like Bob Barker. Drew has a fresh look and he has a great sense of humor. Drew tells the contestants who don' t win thier games "at least you won a…"(whatever they bid on). Bob never did that. Drew makes the contestants feel happy, even if they don't win thier game. I think Drew is doing a terrific job!

  2. My father watched every single episode of the show, until the first week that Drew took over. Drew is a horrible comedian, and a horrible actor, and should not have been chosen to follow such an iconic man of the game show world.

  3. Bob Barker should never been allowed to stay as long as he did reports of womanizing and imoral charicter was the reason I stopped watching a long time ago. He is a Discusting perverted peice of crap who thinks he more than he is.

  4. Bob Barker is a class act. He is an icon that made the Price Is Right a household name and familiar to all generations in a positive wholesome way. Drew Carey is no Bob Barker. He represents casual boring modern times, filled with subversive perversion and sarcasm hidden by a smile. Reminds me a lot of what Steve Harvey is doing to the Family Feud. Dumbing it down with simple minded gutter humor and ensuring decent parents change the channel when kids are in the room at 7pm…so as not to rob them of virtue. Sign of the times.

    Drew Carey may keep cashing that check, but he will never have enough money to buy the class Bob Barker brought to his work…and in to our living rooms.


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