MIAMI, FL – The king has spoken!
LeBron James put the finishing touches on what has been a crazy free agency summer. The world has been on the edge of their seat waiting for the King’s decision on where he’ll play next. King James has spoken and he will join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.
James is joining the Miami organization to form what many experts are calling a super team – and which some have already dubbed “Miami Thrice.” Regardless, James broke millions of hearts and gave the city of Miami a new kind of heat.
Cleveland will have to continue to wait for that championship and the dreams of countless Knicks’ fans were shattered. They will make a run for mediocrity but will probably continue to be pretty bad. The moral of the story is that James made an incredibly hard decision and behind every difficult decision is usually a support team.
King James confided in, among others, Weekly World News’ most trusted consultant and moral compass – PhD Ape.
“Whatever decision LeBron made, was going to leave a trail of disappointment and sadness,” PhD Ape said. “His heart was being pulled in multiple directions and he approached me to help him in his quest for complete happiness.”
This day has been looming even before James played an actual game last season.  James has been the most sought after free agent in perhaps the history of the NBA. James would not only make a team an immediate championship contender, but he would also certainly bring a financial uptick to that franchise.
“LeBron gave 7 great years to the city of Cleveland,” PhD Ape added. “His heart will always be in Cleveland, but LeBron is also trying to pursue greatness. And that can’t be accomplished without championships. I told him to go to Miami and do something great there. In the end, it was the best decision for him.”
Weekly World News tried to reach James for comment several times but failed. Regardless, PhD Ape’s wisdom and expertise helped to guide another lost individual – job well done.

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  1. Lebron is quite the basketball player and isn’t it outstanding that he went after his goal to win NBA titles and took less money. Wonderful for you Lebron James. This is what you call law of attraction – think it, believe it and it will manifest.

  2. you don't have to be like Michael Jordan to be a great ball player. the cavaliers owner do think he owns Lebron, just like the detroit lions wouldn;t let Barry Sanders out of his contract, they didn't build a team around him and he can't do it by himself. so he didn't get a chance to win a chamionship ring because his (slave master owner) didn't want him to leave,even after he retired he wouldn't let him out the contract.so I'm glad Lebron did it that way . the way the owner of the cavs reacted he would have found a way to stop it ,this way he couldn't do NOTHING but show his true feelings. Jesse Jackson was right on target. LEBRON YOU GO BOY! ! ! !


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