PARAGUAY – Larissa Riquelme is the gift that keeps on giving!
Despite the biggest tournament in the world going on, Larissa Riquelme had her share of the spotlight and the attention of many photographers. The sexy lingerie model became a tournament favorite as she rooted for her home country of Paraguay. Her sexy antics caught the attention of all red-blooded males, especially when she pledged to run naked through Paraguay’s capital if the team won the World Cup.
Well, Paraguay was eliminated and the dreams of thousands were shattered. Not so fast. Riquelme believes that Paraguay played so well in the tournament that they still deserved a prize. So despite their loss, Riquelme has gone ahead and stripped down to her birthday suit – a great one to say the least.
You can check out her tribute to the team here.
Riquelme had promised to run naked, but the public had spoken and they wanted to see more of the sexy model sooner rather than later. Riquelme is a crowd pleaser – as her sexy outfits throughout the tournament prove – so she gave her adoring fans a show worth the price of admission.
Never missing a game and showing great lung capacity to scream her support all the way through her team’s matches, the model was dubbed “the World Cup’s girlfriend.”
Riquelme has, however, revealed the real motives behind her actions. They were in an attempt to enhance her profile and grab attention from the modeling industry. At one point, Riquelme was a live advertising ad for the deodorant, Axe. It seems as though her mission was accomplished because we all paid attention to her.

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  1. Great. Yeah. And I agree with that, but want to drop my own 2 cents-worth about quality of equipment. Too often I watch people suffer from crap equipment that they had bought thinking they would be clever to have spent less. That is not how it works people.


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