CHICAGO, IL – One popular TV host is in the middle of some interesting controversy!
Oprah Winfrey’s charity and commitment to goodwill are well chronicled. She has gone out of her way numerous times to help those less fortunate and her star has only become bigger due to those acts. Oprah’s new venture, “Oprah’s Search For The Next TV Star,” has her placed her in a negative light and has many questioning her intentions.
Rumors are heating up that the popular TV host may be rigging votes against contestant Zach Anner, who has become the popular favorite to win her reality television show contest.
According to the rumors, a contestant named Dr. Phyllis amassed more than 300,000 votes and surpassed Anner in a matter of 20 minutes, raising question marks across the internet. Anner had been in the No. 1 spot for a week.
The conspiracy theory doesn’t seem to have much factual backing at this point, but we’re sure that facts will start popping up. There has been no comment from Oprah or the show’s producer Mark Burnett.
Anner is a former University of Texas student and seasoned television host. He also has cerebral palsy and calls himself a “wheelchair bound lady magnet.”

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