CLEVELAND, OH – One man uses an unusual tool to create artistic masterpieces!
Today’s youth has everything imaginable to keep them entertained. Psp’s, Nintendo DS’, iPhone’s and everything in between are seen in children’s hands nowadays and it makes you wonder what kids 20 years ago would play with. All George Vlosich III needed was an Etch A Sketch and his mind and he was good to go. He uses the somewhat antiquated toy to create stunning artistic works.
Vlosich discovered his talent as a 10-year-old boy on a five-and-a-half-hour drive from Cleveland to Washington D.C. Instead of sketching basic figures, Vlosich went ahead and sketched the U.S. Capitol Building.
Till this day, Vlosich is producing highly intricate images on his Etch A Sketch. His incredible intricate creations keep popping up with each turn of the silver knobs. His Etch A Sketch became his canvas to unleash his imagination and creativity. He’s sketched everything from Lebron James to President Obama and has appeared on “Oprah” to showcase his talents.
After he realized his incredible talent, Vlosich entered monthly contests sponsored by the Ohio manufacturer of the toy and he won more often than not. Ohio Art became suspicious of his abilities and sent a representative to Vlosich’s Cleveland home to see if he was really the artist making all of these creations. When the company realized he was legit, they started to send him a new Etch A Sketch every month so he could work on new creations.
These days, Vlosich is a painter, a graphic designer and an art director for Wyse Advertising, a Cleveland-based agency. He and his brother, Greg, have created a line of graphic apparel celebrating their hometown. The “Cleve Land That I love” T-shirt has become a big seller, according to the artist.
“We’re very pro-Cleveland, and we want to support the community,” says Vlosich, 31, who is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art.
Vlosich spends about 70-80 hours on one sketch. His talent has given him the opportunity to travel to places he never imagined when he was a kid.
“The Etch A Sketch has taken me so many places I never thought I’d be,” says Vlosich.

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