OKLAHOMA – One young boy’s performance has made him a national sensation!
Greyson Chance is an Oklahoma native that became an instant sensation with his performance at his elementary talent show in April. Chance’s piano performance of his personalized rendition of Lady Gaga’s hit “Paparazzi” made him a YouTube star.
The video of his talent show performance has gotten more than nine million views. In a mere 16 days, an unknown sixth grader has been launched into the world of being a celebrity. On Thursday, he made an appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”
He told DeGeneres that he’s taken piano lessons for three years, but he’s never had a voice lesson. Much to his surprise and delight, he received a call from the Fame Monster herself, Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga told Chance, “Greyson, you’re so sweet and talented.”
Chance has said that his role model for success is pop star Justin Bieber. Bieber was an unknown in 2008 before being discovered by Scooter Braun, a music industry manager. Bieber has achieved seven Billboard’s Top 100 songs and his recent album, “My World 2.0,” has sold more than a half million copies.
Braun shared his wisdom with CBS News and said that the next step for Chance is to surround himself with “the right people” that want him to grow up and be a good man.

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  1. Hes a great singer and really cute 😉 but his hair … :/ it really doesn't suit him it looks really bad on him just saying

  2. I like him! He's so cute and very talented, and he's my age! But I will always like Justin Bieber a lot better;)

  3. omg omg hes adorable !!!!! i wish people would stop comparing him to justin bieber…..justin is sooooooo much more feminine and greyson has UNBELIVALBLY AMAZING vocals WITHOUT the studio editing. go look at one of biebers videos that he made at home and compare these two and greyson is so much better, no offense. your amazing:) crazzzyyyyyy vocals. your great:)

  4. this boy is ABSOLUTLEY UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!!!! and is extremely talented! i would love nothing more than to go to his concert and here him sing!!….. bieber has nothing on him. bieber is middle of the road!. greyson is GIFTED!!! XXXX all the very best greyson good choice of song and artist lady ga ga xxx

  5. OMG's!!!!That rox!!!! I wish I knew him….I'm almost just like him. The way he has his own style and the way he goes with the flow. He could be my identicle twin!!!

  6. he's FANTASTIC!! I watched him on Ellen both times he was on. He is a better singer than piano player, but think-if he's singing like that at 12 years old, what is he going to sound like when he's older?? He's 122342351235 times better than Justin Beiber


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