NEW YORK, NY – American Idol and radio host Ryan Seacrest uncovers one of life’s biggest mysteries!
Ryan Seacrest is always a man on a mission and pushes hard to land the big story. In a recent interview with business-mogul Donald Trump, Seacrest solved the mystery that was Trump’s hair.
For years, countless hundred have been under the impression that The Celebrity Apprentice host sports a toupee. Seacrest got up close and personal with Trump’s hair and discovered that it is very much real.
“I’m looking at it and I’m close to pulling it,” Seacrest said on his show. Although he did not do the honors personally, his co-host ran her fingers through the flowing locks to prove that it was real hair. Trump took it a step further and pulled back his hair to reveal an actual hairline.
One of life’s greatest mysteries have been solved and we can all rest a little more at ease now. For those that like visual proof, there happens to be a video.

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