NEW YORK, NY – An unlikely group has come out to show their support for education!
Illusions Gentleman’s Club in Deer Park feel as though a pole tax might be the solution to school budget cuts. Owners of the gentleman’s club and dancers will be implementing the voluntary surcharge added to the club’s admission fees in hopes of saving after-school activities.
“I’m a single mom,” Heather Cioffi, a dancer at Illusion told PIX 11 News. “I don’t have the money to have him in the after school program.”
Governor David A. Paterson proposed $11 million in program cutbacks in February. The move left many parents across the state concerned about the state of their children’s school programs.
Illusions might be getting their inspiration from Texas, where a stripper pole tax put into effect in 2007 has collected more than $13.6 million thus far. The club plans to put the tax in motion this weekend
“We just want to give back to our communities, because the state is cutting back on school aid,” Cioffi added. “The government is always trying to raise taxes and here we are saying raise our taxes.”
Todd Shapiro, spokesman for the club, says the money will be sent to the State Department of Taxation and Finance.

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8 thoughts on “STRIPPER "POLE TAX"”

  1. This shows how much the private sector is cooperating and not competing with the public sector in such a democratic society. One would hope that such a cooperation should take place in the Gulf countries. Then a lot of economic problems will be solved.

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