LOS ANGELES, CA – A current reality TV star finds himself in critical condition after a severe brain hemorrhage!
Bret Michaels was rushed to intensive care late Thursday after a severe headache. The report said doctors discovered bleeding at the base of his brain stem. This came from Joann Mignano, Michaels’ New York-based publicist, who confirmed the report on People magazine’s website.
Michaels was the star of the show Rock of Love from 2007 to 2009 and is currently doing very well on Donald Trump’s show, The Celebrity Apprentice.
Weekly World News sends out its best hopes and wishes to Bret Michaels as he tries to pulls through. If he might pass, his legacy will live on all around the world and particularly in England as his show Rock of Ages was sent by our government to the Queen of England and is on her ipod.

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  1. we are praying for bret in kentucky and wish him and his family the best . he is the greatest ever and so down to earth melissa brown from ky

  2. I didnt really pay much attetion to bret michaels , but I knew of him. I started watching the show celebrity apprentice, I didnt like how sinbad was treating bret. I think bret michaels is a very good person .and I have been watching the news everyday to see how hes doing. I hope he gets well soon. our prays and thoughts are with him and his family. J Hammond from Wi


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