SOUTH AFRICA – A teen on a mission to sail around the world unassisted has hit a snag in her quest!
Abby Sunderland is one of two 16-year-old girls trying to sail around the world alone, nonstop and unassisted. Sunderland is five months younger than the other teen, Jessica Watson. The nonstop part of her journey has hit a bump in the road as Sunderland has announced on her blog that she will be heading to Cape Town, South Africa to repair a faulty autopilot system.
“I have some big news today. It’s not necessarily good news, but the way I look at it, it’s not bad either,” she wrote on her blog Saturday. “I am going to be pulling into Cape Town for repairs this ending my non-stop attempt.”
Although her nonstop quest is soon to end, Sunderland has said that she would continue her sail as soon as the auto pilot is repaired, and she’s doing her best to conquer her disappointment.
“I gave it my best shot and made it almost half way around the world,” she blogged. “I will definitely keep going, and whether or not I will make any more stops after this I don’t know yet. I admit I was pretty upset at first, but there is no point in getting upset. Whats done is done and there is nothing I can do about it.”
Watson will now become the youngest to sail the world nonstop, barring any unforeseen complications. Sunderland, however, can still become the youngest to sail around the world.

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