SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A sea Sasquatch has been located on a beach near San Francisco’s Richmond district near the famed Sea Cliff restaurant!
The shocking discovery, a Weekly World News Exclusive  took place this morning on Ocean beach, just 5 miles from downtown San Francisco, researchers are used a police dognamed Burly  to identify the creature though the dog ran in fear after sniffing the creatures putrid extremities.  Locals have named the corpse the San Fran Sea Sasquatch.
The Sasquatch measured over 9 feet in length, had a pale grey color and was covered in a thick matted fur. The left arm of the sea sasquatch showed signs of blunt trauma or a bite. Authorities are not sure if this was the result of a waterside struggle with a whale, possibly a killer whale. Witnesses have reported that there have been recent sightings of whales that have ventured into San Francisco bay as a result of the climate change crisis.

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9 thoughts on “SEA SASQUATCH”

  1. It amazes me that in this day and age of digital cameras, there are only ever 1 or maybe 2 photos of these "creatures" I know if I ran across something like this, I would be filling up my memory card with as many shots as possible. Could it be that taking one shot from a particular angle makes them more "beleivable"? Whereas more shots would show it for the fake it is?

  2. I was on Ocean beach when this bigfoot thing washed up on the beach!
    The hair was all matted and grey. It must have been around 9 feet tall!
    I'll bet the whales hanging around the bay got him. They have been coming into the bay lately since the weather has been so hot.


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