DALLAS, TX – One football team owner had one too many and let a few things slip he wishes he didn’t!
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was secretly recorded having a conversation with some fans. The problem was that Jones was a few drinks deep and had some social lubrication. In the conversation, the owner had some choice words for former coach Bill Parcels and panned the skills of former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.
On the matter of Parcells, Jones said, “Bill’s not worth a [expletive] … to get this [expletive] stadium, I need to bring his butt in.”
Parcells said that he heard of the taped conversation and that Jones had called him personally to clear up the situation. “I know how he really feels about me,” Parcells later commented.
When the conversation touched on Tebow, Jones made it clear that the former college football star would “never get on the field” if Dallas selected him in the upcoming draft.
“I really haven’t even thought about it,” Tebow responded to the comments. “I don’t even take that as an offense. He’s just having fun.”
Tebow has been mired in nonstop criticism and speculation leading up to the draft. Many experts have not been so high on Tebow and wonder how his game will translate to the NFL.
“I respond to those critics the same way I’ve responded to them since I was 6 years old – just go work a little harder and do a little better,” the quarterback said, “and honestly not listen to them too much because they’re usually not the ones out there playing, and they’re usually not the ones out there coaching.”

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