NEW YORK, NY – Lebron James has fired back at Jerry Colangelo. He isn’t the only one with a bone to pick!
USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo issued a warning last week to Team USA last week. According to him “there are no free passes” when it comes to taking part in the 2012 Olympics. Any player that does not have a legit excuse to miss activity this summer, puts in jeopardy their chances of being part of the team. James responded to Colangelo’s comments on Sunday.
“I think everyone in the USA knows what type of commitment these guys have made, including myself, since 2003,” James told reporters yesterday. “I’m not trying to bash Jerry or anything like that, because he’s a good guy and I respect him. I don’t respect that because of the commitment we’ve all given to the USA. Right off the bat, we didn’t second guess it at all. If we’re jeopardizing being in London, what can we do?”
James is certainly not pleased with Colangelo’s ultimatum and perhaps he has every right to be. He, along with the rest of Team USA, have re-establish American basketball as the cream of the crop. He isn’t the only player reacting to Colangelo’s comments.
“Free passes! No way, that’s great news. I’ll be so proud to represent my country at the next Olympics,” a third string PG for the Washington Wizards told reporters. He was subsequently clarified on the situation and then asked to respond. “No comment!”
“No free passes! that’s a load of bull,” a disgruntled C for the Phoenix Suns told reporters. “I pay my taxes, I’m never late for practices and I even listen to the coach. I should definitely get a free pass!”
“I am starting a petition and then presenting it to David Stern. Are we not good enough to be considered? Do we not have rights? I feel like I’m part of a dictatorship!” said an unhappy NBDL player.
Jerry Colangelo seems to have started a world of controversy. Stay tuned to see how everything plays out.

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