LOS ANGELES, CA – One pervert’s initial satisfaction has turned into agony as he faces a very lengthy jail sentence!
Erin Andrews has been the obsession of million of men across America, but one man’s obsession drove him to the edge. Michael Barrett, 48, has plead guilty to interstate stalking and has agreed to 27 months in prison. He stalked sexy ESPN reporter Andrews and shot nude videos of her through a hotel room peephole.
Andrews is expected to address the court before Barrett is sentenced and has expressed her nervousness about having to face her stalker in person.
“I don’t know how you wouldn’t be nervous about something like that … I’m very nervous,” Andrews told TMZ.com on Sunday night.
On three separate occasions, Barrett has admitted to renting hotel rooms next to Andrews and shooting videos of her while she was naked. Andrews’ lawyer has made it clear that she did not agree to the sentence and will be seeking $335,000 from Barrett in restitution.
She has made it very clear of her disgust for the individual and would want Barrett to rot in jail forever. “I wouldn’t let him out of jail – ever!” she told TMZ.
The sentence will be given out today and Andrews will be able to focus on future commitments. Such as competing in this year’s Dancing with the Stars.

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