LOS ANGELES, CA – There is a catfight brewing between two of Hollywood’s brightest actresses!
Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock are both up for the Oscar for best actress. But that’s not the only connection they have. The two have engaged in a war of words over who’s going to win the award and have checked their class at the door.
Bullock said, “I left her a voicemail going, ‘You’ve got to watch your back. I’m gonna cut you. I’m gonna take you down. And then she sent me dead orchids and told me to die. So I sent her a case of liquor and told her to toast to white trash.” Those are some serious exchanges between two of Hollywood’s leading ladies and who knows how much truth there is to it all.
Bullock also says, “No one cares about the end result or the statue. It’s being able to sit in close proximity with these ladies and going though it all together and you laugh at the absurdity of it all and how they pit women up against each other.” On a more ironic note, the two shared a passionate kiss on stage at this year’s Critics Choice Awards.

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3 thoughts on “OSCAR FEUD”

  1. Right. Ooh. Shocking. Not! Sandra, Sandra, Sandra, if you want to be shocking try something a lot more, well…shocking….send a cowpatty to Meryl and tell her to roleplay her Julia Child character and cook it up into some more crap like the movies she's been cranking out for the last 5-10 years. A comment like THAT outta grab more attention than a big wet [albeit hokey and fake] lesbian kiss.

  2. Finally some comments that make sense…I’ve been saying the same thing for weeks…This is not the MTV Awards we’re talking about this is the Oscars…this is the PHd of awards and Bullock is acting like she’s still in Kindergarden..regardless of whether she was “joking” is not the point…and I’ve noticed that all of these comments are coming from Bullock and her camp…not from the Streep people…GROW UP BULLOCK….and Bullock as the nerve to call Meryl white trash??? I promise if Bullock wins this there will be a huge backlash….trust me.


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