STUART, FL – Stuart beach has more to offer than just beautiful sunsets and good surf. Not saying that’s a good thing!
A local resident has died due to a fatal shark attack. Stephen Schafer, 38, was the victim of an attack while he was out kitesurfing at Stuart Beach. Reports say that Stephen suffered an 8-to-10-inch bite on his right thigh and had numerous teeth marks on his right and left buttocks.
Stephen had drifted to an unguarded stretch of ocean when a lifeguard spotted him through his binoculars. Daniel Lund, 46, rushed out to Stephen and saw blood in the water and screams from Stephen that he had been attacked by sharks.
Paramedics tried to administer CPR but showed little success. Stephen was rushed to Martin Memorial Hospital where he died. It is still unclear what type of shark was responsible for the attack but speculation suggests that it may be a bull, tiger, or even great white shark. This is the first shark attack death in Florida waters since 2005.
“He was a super nice guy. Always mellow. I don’t think he had any enemies,” said Stephen’s friend Teague Taylor. “I’ve never heard of multiple sharks in this area surrounding someone and fatally wounding him,” he added.

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6 thoughts on “FATAL SHARK ATTACK”

  1. It sounds like the sharks were nibbling on the young mans rear end. Apperently they liked what they tasted and the sharks desided to take a bite out of the young mans right leg. My guess is that the sharks would have taken a bite out of his rear end but the young man must have been kicking and thrussed his right thigh into one of the nibbling shark's open mouth. At that point the shark must have thought it was being attacked by the young man. That's why the young man had an 8 to 10 inch chunk taken out of his right thigh. It was a good thing the man was screeming and pulled from the water other wise he may have gotten an 8 to 10 inch chunck bit out of his other thigh prior to being pulled from the water. My guess it the young man will never go kite surfing again.

    • Wrong Frank – this will be just a big kahuna story and he probably was back out there the next day. Surfers are some of the most shallow and selfish aholes I've ever known and I've known a lot of people in my life. I was intimately on the inside crowd with them in my younger years growing up in California so I saw what they were about and it was all a very me-oriented culture. Glad I left that state behind and I still say Sharks gotta eat too and if you're going to dangle your bunz out there as bait…

  2. Surfers have bubbles for brains and don't realize their shark bait – yes, even kitesurfers. I know, I grew up in San Diego, California, and dated a surfer or two in my younger days, they were selfish, little, mindless shore addicts that cared for nothing except the next wave ride. Some were even so vicious that when I lived by the beach out there they actually threw beer and eggs on my mom's car when she'd come to visit. I say Power to the Sharks! Hope they eat all those little 'tards!

  3. The young man's name was Stephen. And he will never go kite surfing again because he has passed away from his injuries. As a Floridian, who lived a few miles south of this beach, I find it irresponsible and overly sensational for you, Gerry, to use the photo of an adult white shark – who is most likely being "baited" for photography – as the only photo attached to this story. It has not even been confirmed that juvenile white sharks were in the area, and it would be an anomaly if they were. This does nothing but cause panic and anti-shark efforts. Even Steve would not approve.
    There is a memorial service for Steve tomorrow, Saturday February 6, 2010, @ Stuart Public Beach @ 11 am to celebrate his life. All are welcome. A memorial fund has been set-up in honor of him at Seacoast National Bank. "The Stephen Schafer Memorial Fund."

  4. How in the world can people write about "surfers getting what they deserve"?
    What a lame attitude to the people you share this world with.
    With all the jet skis, motor boats and other noisy water sports, I find the surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing sports to be the very environmentally friendly sport. Lower material impact and less noise polution.
    My heart goes out to this surfers friends and family, and I really hope they dont run into these comments as they are nasty – for no reason at all. They are not even relevant opinions.
    And no, I am not some christian anvangalist or anything – I am an athiest – Maybe I would have met Steve at some time and enjoyed his company, that oppertunity now doesn´t exist.
    Peace and love to the world


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