Gwyneth Paltrow and her eponymous company, Goop, have pulled a swoop and come in to buy the Weinstein Company at the eleventh hour. As a result of the acquisition the combined company will be called, Goopstein.

The move ends months of intense speculation on Wall Street and Hollywood as to who would wind up buying the remains of Harvey Weinstein’s once proud Hollywood production giant.

Paltrow was busy planning her wedding and unavailable for comment. However several insiders have confirmed that the first film project from Goopstein will be a biopic on Harvey Weinstein’s life and sudden fall from grace. Long time Gwyneth collaborator, Matt Damon has been tapped to play Weinstein and is currently bulking up his weight to transform into the legendary Hollywood bully for the big screen in the film titled: WEINSTEIN: THE ORAL STORY.

(Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./Getty Images for goop)

Goopstein Company will do its part to make amends by donating significant proceeds from the box office tally of Weinstein to victims of unwanted advances. Remaining proceeds will be funneled back into Goopstein for future projects and to help the struggling company.

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