An unidentified object flying over President Obama’s inauguration ceremony was caught on camera by CNN.

The object appears to be too big and too fast to be an insect or a bird, and it’s flat body appears to lack wings. A terrestrial machine is out of the question, as the government was enforcing a strict no-fly zone that day.


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    • wow uv been reading this crap long enough to think that aliens exist? the editor of WWN said that everything in the magazine is FAKE that includes this "ufo" grow up.

  2. Obvious that it is a bird, you can see the wings flapping. You get the idea that it is far away because of the Washington Monument, but it is much closer than the monument and changes perspective.

    that or aliens.

  3. if you remember there was no fly zone over or around the white house. What ever it was , was going to fast for the military to react to that. I think it was a ufo.

  4. even the alien, were saw inaguration of obama, may be alien have a great expectations to obama and maybe have a same opinion with the people arround the world (obama can change the world yes we can)

  5. and if u keep watching the hole clip from cnn you will also see a choper shortly after the object has gone and the chopter is a larg one to give relitive size to the object no way is a bird that larg !!

  6. Let's change the way we think. It's an IFO. (Identified Flying Object) Then lets put out two categories. Unknown Origin and Know Origin. Then let's see what category builds the quickest while taking the stigma of UFO off peoples minds. It's time to clear the way for our realities and stop denying so blantantly the mysteries that could lead and change this world out of the repetitious fate each civilization has been warning us of……There's no denying the film displays an IFO and even more important is its wonder and terrifying reality that something is here. It would be the catalyst that would change the status of the world like no other time in our limited understanding of the history of mankind.

  7. It's in the original footage from CNN, its not an edit.

    And why are people so quick to doubt things like this.

    It is statistically impossible that we are the only life in the universe. Anyone who thinks we are alone in the universe, is extremely stupid, and probably no doubt an ignorant Bible Basher.

    Aliens 100% exist. But have they been to Earth yet? I'm not sure…..

    It moves BEHIND the Washington Monument, and is moving VERY fast.

    Just another secret American Aircraft no doubt.

  8. this info was on cnn i belive that something lives up there and we canot be the onley life there could be planets out of our solar system. dont jump to conclutions so quickly=]

  9. Monument is nearly 600 feet tall. Find an enlarged, or slo mo version, or freeze frame. Measure object to scale of monument. Must be 100 foot long bird. The Fox news commentator noted how it came back between camera and monument., just 2 secs later. Wow 100 foot bird. Rocs are returning perhaps. I saw it LIVE. It is to big and fast for a bird. Why are you people in denial? But who am I asking?


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