A UFO flew across Texas last week.  The aliens were from Planet Zeeba!
Thousands of citizens saw a small white object appear across the skyline of San Antonio, traveling at low altitude.  It was traveling SouthWest then turned Northwest, then it hovered.


The mysterious object was first discovered by Mario Vallejo, who had his camera running for an hour outside his home – in a technique is known as skyfishing.
He said: “To me it’s an orb, and I’ve been seeing these things a lot around here. I really don’t know what they are?”


WWN spoke with Dr. John Malley, the head of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials. He told WWN ,”we have confirmed that it is a UFO and that the spaceship is from Planet Zeeba.  It has all the markings of a Zeeban ship.”
Malley said that the Zeebans are peaceful aliens and that they have come to Earth to help us overcome our challenges, to save the planet AND to battle against The Gootans – other aliens who have come to Earth, to harm us.


“The Zeeban ship over Texas is a good sign,” said Dr. Malley.  “They are prepared to fight The Gootans.  The time is near..”
Here are some videos that were posted before it was confirmed to be a Zeeban ship.


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