Two fast moving UFOs have been hovering over the skies of Scotland the last few days.

Numerous citizens in Scotland have reported to the authorities the sighting of two unidentified flying objects.

Scotland Yard confirmed the UFOs and called in the United Nations Panel on  Extraterrestrials to investigate.  Dr. Susan Begley, the leading extraterrestrial authority on the U.N. Panel witness firsthand the UFOs.

“These are ships from Planet Zeeba.  We are one hundred percent confident in our conclusion,” said Dr. Begley.  “The public has nothing to be concerned about, however, the Zeebans are peaceful beings  and are not here to harm human beings.”

Several Scotish citizens recorded the Zeeban ships (see below).   There were two Zeeban ships flying in formation.

Some skeptics believe the lights were only bright spots, perhaps from a satellite.  But representatives working with Dr. Begley were quick to affirm that the lights  were from Zeeban ships.

According to the United Nations, the Zeebans have been arriving on earth since November of 2010 and will continue to do so until December 0f 2015.  “There is an ongoing alien invasion, but we are prepared to deal with them,” said Raj Aggarwala, an assistant to Dr. Begley.

Here are the videos of the Scotish “UFOs”:




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