WISE, VA –  Jessica Gilliam, a WWN reader, has provided this eyewitness account of a close encounter with a UFO.
Here’s Jessica’s account:
“Last January my husband and I were driving back from my parents house.  We were driving by our local high school when we noticed a bright light in the sky. The light in the sky was so bright that it was noticeably not an airplane.   The light also had a cross shape too it.  We stared at the light for a moment and then I grabbed our cell phone too take a picture of it.

“The thing is our cell phone died, which was odd because it had been fully charged before.  Also the radio did not work at the time we saw the light.  We looked back to the light which then had taken a vertical dart to the left then it flew a little to the side and then darted back up into the sky until it vanished.  The light darted so fast it was almost if it were a ping-pong ball that darted  through the sky.”
We filled a report with the government agencies online the next day.  We almost wanted to forget about it after words because it frightened us that we could not figure out what it was, but the government agencies that we contacted would call non stop during the day and night.  We didn’t answer the phone because we almost did not want to seem like we were crazy but they continued to call non stop.

I know it seems crazy to be that paranoid but I am certain if the government thought it was nothing they wouldn’t have been calling like crazy…  I do not know if it is related or not but after that my husband and I have had nothing but bad luck if something would go wrong it would happen to us.
Our string of bad luck included me breaking my leg and having too have almost a completely new metal ankle, my husband getting hurt in the military and getting discharged, and two of our vehicles tearing up to the point of us having to get rid of them and one of the vehicles was brand new.”

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  1. alines shipe come on earth .armye man take the alines. if they not realels three alines shipe come earth at 2:53 am.


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