HOUSTON, TX – America’s top secret UFO investigative agency has discovered powerful proof that extraterrestrials believe in God… an alien bible found in a wrecked spaceship!
The 132-page, book-like document, printed in symbols representing a mathematical code, is made of an unknown metallic fiber that is impervious to fire or weather and cannot be cut or torn. Its contents are strikingly similar to many elements of the Christian Bible.
“The book was found in the wreckage of a UFO discovered at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in the spring of 1994,” said Dr. Henry Leaumont, a California-based astronomer who says he learned of the bible from a former employee of a secret government UFO study center.
“It was taken to the UFO agency and analyzed. They finally broke the code just three months ago, using sophisticated mathematical concepts.
“The book is a religious tome devoted to a God figure called Letuk who is seen as the guiding force in the universe.
“It preaches a rigorous moral code forbidding murder, theft, adultery and other transgressions, adding a few more than are in the Bible.
“For example, for these aliens, apparently, there was no worse sin than gluttony. They ate little and only when they were extremely hungry. Perhaps that explains their small size.”
Dr. Leaumont says the alien bible contains a list of 14 commandments – many of which are exactly like those found in the bible and the Koran. The alien book mentions a heaven and a hell and reveals the words of prophets whose teachings closely resemble those of Jesus.
“This bible is astonishing because it reveals a pattern in the universe, a God-like presence that has message for every living being,” Dr. Leaumont said. “It is my hope that the American government will see its way clear to sharing the contents of this precious find with people everywhere. It is priceless proof that aliens are like us – and that they, too, have been guided by a loving God.”
The astronomer said he has tried to communicate directly with the UFO study center about the extraterrestrial bible, but has been told no such document exists.

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26 thoughts on “ALIEN BIBLE FOUND”

  1. A beautiful ray of hope that the universe really is at one at all levels ……quantum "Planke" to the phyisical world…please everyone who reads this read or watch "messages from water"….your understanding of the meaning of life and who we are as a small part or the universe will be reviealed to you.

    • Haha! You must be an alien yourself and probably you had some free time and spent it on your home planet. Otherwise you would have recognized the symbols already. It is just a stupid hoax.

  2. Exactly right uh huh. They can travel across the universe but they still carry paper books with leather bindings. The symbols.. Well they look like duct tape cut into well, symbols. One possible explanation, for those still inclined to believe this, the aliens hold the "ancient" tome so sacred it cannot be reproduced in any modern way. As for the symbols, well, the tome is so well read that they repaired the symbols with duct tape they keep around for patching the graviton implossion chamber. ;p

  3. Found by whom? Of Course the governments will deny it!! On that same ship was also found a cat and a dog alien and guess what…the governments will deny it

  4. you guys are just dumb , you actually beleive that this is the actual picture of the book.
    common people if the book was real and classified we would not have an extremely clear picture of itl 🙂

  5. … I thought that the "aliens" (or whoever they may be, with their advanced technology, would have thought of something far more "advanced" as PAPER to write their Bible on… Like laser, telephathy, that kind of thing.

  6. … I thought that the "aliens" (or whoever they may be, with their advanced technology, would have thought of something far more "advanced" as PAPER to write their Bible on… Like laser, telephathy, that kind of thing.

  7. don't be so stupid.. how can you say that this book is alien's bible, if you don't know the language of the aliens?? even if you use super mathematical algorithms.. you can't decode that…


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