CHERRY HILL, NJ – A piano playing cat called Nora has taken the world by storm!
Betsy Alexander, a piano instructor, adopted Nora in 2004. Little did she know that the cat would have such an ear for music.
As a kitten, Nora would run around in circles on top of the piano while Betsy taught students. But over time, Nora began to sit at the accompanying piano and pound out her own notes!
Betsy decided to start recording her cat and put it on Youtube. Her first video has alone accrued over 14,000,000 views and has made a fan of numerous celebrities, including the one and only Piano Man, Billy Joel!
Nora now has a DVD, a book, an upcoming calendar and her own blog. But Betsy denies any involvement in Nora’s musical abilities. Some believed Nora was tricking the cat into “performing” by rubbing catnip all over the keys. Betsy said, “Look, if I put catnip on those keys, Nora would be rolling her entire body on the keys, because she’s like a total catnip addict. I would never do that!”
“It’s not something we taught her. She plays when we’re not in the room; she plays when we’re in the room; sometimes she plays when we don’t want her to play. I can be teaching a child or an adult who is trying to concentrate and then Nora hops on the bench.”
Composer Mindaugas Piecaitis has even written a piece around one of her videos!
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